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Bipolar disorder in daily life; Mood and cortisol responses to naturally occurring events
Rob Havermans, 17-01-2013, Prof.dr. M. de Vries / dr. N. Nicolson

When all eyes are on you; studies into threat processing and pharmacological treatment of social anxiety disorder           
Sara Schutters, 08-09-2011, Prof. dr. J.van Os / Prof. Dr. H.G.M. Westenberg/
Prof dr. K. Schruers/ Ivo Aben                                

Psychopathology and Ageing: Towards a better understanding of psychosis and depression in later life         
Sebastian Köhler, 02-10-2009, Prof. Dr. F.R.J. Verhey / Prof. Dr. J. van Os        

Ecogenetic Studies of Cannabis as a Cause of Psychosis   
Cécile Henquet, 22-12-2006, Prof. Dr. J. van Os   

Diagnostiek van persoonlijkheidsstoornissen bij ouderen   
Bas van Alphen, 31-03-2006 Prof. Dr. J. Derksen, Dr. Y. de Kuin

Mechanisms of neuronal loss in aging and Alzheimer's disease
Bart Rutten, 21-10-2005, Prof. dr. H. W.M. Steinbusch    

Brain structure and function in velocardiofacial  syndrome with and without psychosis
Thérèse van Amelsvoort, 20-01-2004, Prof. Dr. D. Murphy / Prof. Dr. D. Linszen          

Groepsteams in de residentiële jeugdhulpverlening
Tony Rasenberg, 30-01-2004 , Prof. Dr. F. Nijhuis / Prof. Dr. A. van Gennep      

Studies at the interface between anxiety and depression    
Thea Overbeek, 16-06-2004, Prof. Dr. E. Griez , Prof. dr. K. Schruers

Coping with psychosis. Bleuler's right         
Maarten Bak   28-09-2004, Prof J.J. van Os

Serotonin and bipolar disorder. Serotonergic vulnerability in first-degree relatives of patients with bipolar disorder
Sjacko Sobczak, 07-06-2002, Prof. Dr. M. Maes, Dr. A. Honig / Dr. W. Riedel /
Prof. Dr. J. Jolles

Experimental studies into the pathophysiology of experimental panic
Prof. dr. K. Schruers, 21-02-2001 Prof. Dr. E Griez, Dr. R. van Diest

The ecogenetics of schizophrenia
Machteld Marcelis, 30-11-2001, Prof. Dr. J. van Os           

Structured writing and processing traumatic event 
Mirjam Schoutrop, 24-11-2000, Prof. Dr. A. Lange

Serotonin und Selbstverletzungsverhalten – Messung der Prolaktin-Antwort auf den Serotoninagonisten d-Fenfluramin
Andrea Oidtman, 23-03-1999, Dr. H. Saβ / Prof. Dr. Habil

Ongelijkheid in gezondheid
Dike van de Mheen, 17-06-1998, Prof. Dr. J.P. Mackenbach         

Stress, mood and cortisol dynamics in daily life
Marleen van Eck, 18-10-1996, Prof. Dr. M. de Vries         

Assessing schizophrenia in daily life : the experience sampling method
Philippe Delespaul, 20-05-1995, Prof. Dr. M. de Vries       

Die Polymerase-Kettenreaktion zur semiquantitativen Erfassung der Expression zytokinspezifischer mRNA-Transkripte bei Tumorpatienten unter Immuntherapie mit Interleukin-2
Robert Hilse, 30-05-1995, Dr. med. Dr.phil. J. Atzpodien 

Genetic Epidemiology as a tool to understand risk factors for onset and persistence of psychosis
Jim van Os, 01-11-1995, Prof. Dr. M. de Vries

Voorlichting over geheugenproblemen en dementie
Kees Commissaris, 04-06-1993, Prof. Dr. J. Jolles / Prof. Dr. G.Kok

Persoonlijke vaardigheidstherapieen  voor kansarmen
Bea Beckers, 02-05-1986, Prof. Dr. J.J.C.B. Bremer          

Psychopathology and Ageing: Towards a better understanding of psychosis and depression in later life           
Andries Korebrits/ Michael Wellmer   

Promotieonderzoeken; medewerkers niet meer in dienst van Mondriaan                                                                                                              

Parietal matters in early Alzheimer's Disease: evidence from structural and functional MRI
Heidi Jacobs 06-07-2011, Prof. Dr. J. Jolles / Prof. Dr. F.R.J. Verhey / Dr. M.P.J. van Boxtel 

The role of neuroimaging phenotypes in ecogenetic studies of psychotic disorder
Petra Habets 01-07-2011, Prof. Dr. J. van Os / Dr. M. Marcelis

Linking Cognitive and Cerebral Aging: evidence from structural and functional MRI 
Saartje Burgmans 12-05-2010, Prof. Dr. J. Jolles / Prof. Dr. H.B.M. Uylings / Dr. M.P.J. van Boxtel / Dr. E.F.P.M. Vuurman 

Epidemiological studies into prodromes and risk factors for cognitive decline and dementia
Lia Baars 17-12-2009, Prof. Dr. J. Jolles / Prof. Dr. F. Verhey / Dr. M.P.J. van Boxtel

With the body in mind. The role of exercise and acid-base balance in panic 
Gabriel Esquivel 16-12-2009, Prof. Dr. E.J.L. Griez / Dr. K.R.J. Schruers 

Stress reactivity in borderline personality disorder  
Jean-Paul Glaser 29-10-2009, Prof. Dr. J. van Os

Attention dysfunction and ADHD in adults: determinants and interventions
Dymphie in de Braek 17-09-2009, Prof. Dr. J. Jolles / Dr. J. Dijkstra 

The threatened brain: magnetic resonance imaging studies into fear and panic
Liesbet Goossens 05-06-2009, Prof. Dr. E.J.L. Griez / Dr. K.R.J. Schruers / Dr. S.K.U. Sunaert 

Ecological aspects of cognitive assessment
Sharon Bouwens 29-04-2009, Prof. Dr. F.R.J. Verhey / Dr. C.M. van Heugten

Cognitive processes in adults with ADHD
Natalie Marchetta 29-11-2007, Prof. Dr. J. Jolles / Dr. P. Hurks

Forgetfulness in healthy older adults: Determinants and interventions
Martine Mol 19-01-2007, Prof. Dr. J. Jolles

Cognitive aging: effects of education and task demands   
Willemien Meijer 22-12-2006, Prof. Dr. J. Jolles / Dr. M. van Boxtel

The neuropsychometrics of aging: normative studies in the Maastricht aging study        
Wim van der Elst 12-10-2006, Prof. Dr. J. Jolles

The stress of panic Neuroendocrinological and neuroimmunological studies in panic disorder   
Marlies van Duinen 04-11-2005, Prof. Dr. M. Maes / Prof. Dr. E. Griez

Twin Studies: Beyond Nature - Nurture       
Nele Jacobs 30-09-2005, Prof. Dr. J. van Os / Dr. Ph. Delespaul / Dr. N. Nicolson

GxSxI: Gene-Stress-Immune activation interplay in depression    
Marieke Wichers 26-05-2005, Prof. Dr. M. Maes / Dr. A. Honig / Prof. Dr. J. van Os

Social cognition and psychosis
Ilse Janssen 04-11-2004, Prof. Dr. J. van Os / Dr. Ph. Delespaul 

Vulnerability factors in panic disorder patients and their first-degree relatives
Nicole  van Beek 17-10-2003, Prof. Dr. E. Griez                                                                           

Neurocognitive performance and demographic variables in children at risk of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Ariane Kalff 12-09-2002, Prof. Dr. J. Jolles / Prof. Dr. H. Vles / Dr. J. Hendriksen 

Cognitieve functies bij hersenletsel en affectstoornissen
Mariska den Hartog 22-11-2002, Prof. Dr. J. Jolles 

Neurocognitieve stoornissen bij neuropsychiatrische patiënten     
Lydia Krabbendam 09-06-2000, Prof. Dr. J. Jolles

Who Panics? Studies on panic disorder, panic provocation with carbon dioxide and the respiratory system  
Cees Verburg 15-05-1998, Prof. Dr. E. Griez 

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